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Expert Data Backup Solutions with Over 35 Years of Experience

At Burlington Computer Clinic, we specialize in robust data backup solutions tailored for your business. With over 35 years of expertise, we ensure your data security and continuity.

Certified DATTO Partners

As certified DATTO partners, we deliver premier data protection solutions that include comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity tailored to meet your business needs.

INFRASCALE: Comprehensive Off-Site Backup Solutions

Protect your data with INFRASCALE's reliable off-site backup solutions. Our services guarantee that your files are safe, accessible, and secure against unforeseen events.

RBackup: Online Backup Service Provider

RBackup are an Online Backup Service Provider using the oldest, most proven solution for Off-Site Backup Service. In 1987 RBackup first developed the standards for moving backups of data files around the Internet. With engineering and technical staff in India and the Philippines.

SHADOWPROTECT: Bare Metal Backup Solutions

SHADOWPROTECT provides essential bare metal backup solutions, ensuring quick system restoration to new hardware in the event of a failure, minimizing downtime.

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to data backup excellence is backed by a deep understanding of the field and a proven track record. Protect your most valuable asset—your data—with our customized solutions.

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